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Dutch parliament photo: Jeroen Hoogstraten
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Eurovision Rotterdam photo: Jeroen Hoogstraten

At Equal Distance

350x350x106 cm
At Equal Distance is a project to mark the special year 2020. It is a statue to stand on and brings four people together. It's about distance, equality and inequality, concepts that have got a new meaning this year.

If you want to make the distance between four people exactly equal, then the mathematical consequence of this is that height differences must arise. This statue offers four people the unique opportunity to experience this.

The distance between the four balls is 1.5 meters.

If something as simple and measurable as equalizing distance can actually produce all these different experiences, how is that possible with other much more difficult to measure concepts?

-All persons in the Netherlands will be treated equally in equal cases.- Article 1

The Binnenhof between the fountain (a gift from the citizens of The Hague) and the Ridderzaal is an appropriate place where the final statue could be placed. On Prince's Day, the king drives a circle around it, there can even be three people ready to be equidistant from the king and each other. A temporary version tours of throughout the Netherlands. And there will be proposals for different places around the world.

Yes, I would like to take a picture with the king, queen and prime minister Rutte, but then I do want to take the higher position.

A civilian

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